Monday, July 07, 2008


been at the office virtually every day since easter. girlfriend's birthday is coming up this weekend. was unsure if i could make festivities even before the following new development, but now a friend of ours has secured her parents' house in the hamptons for a house party for my girlfriend's 30th birthday. (just to let everyone know, having a free house in the hamptons for a party is NOT NORMAL for me. or for 99.9% of the population. it's something out of another dimension.) there is no way i can make it all the way out there, because i'm basically chained to my desk all weekend except for evenings.

seriously. how much does my life suck?

(yes, i know "wah wah i can't go to the hamptons" sounds like yuppie angst, but let's put this this way. let's say that you're in grade school, and instead of regular recess, the school is throwing a carnival that only happens once a year - with cotton candy and hot dogs. let's just say that you didn't do anything bad, but your teacher made you sit in the classroom and miss recess anyway. not just ANY recess, but THAT PARTICULAR recess. it just plain stinks.)

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