Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wherein Emily1 Apologizes For Being A Terrible Blogger

i know it is lame to write a post to apologize for not blogging, but i'm doing it anyway.

i've been _really_ busy. i feel paralyzed when it comes to writing about anything because the economy is so uncertain and i'm burned out on politics.

i'm a bad blogger. sorry. emily0 and emily2 are kind enough to post occasionally while i try to get my stuff together. i'm getting married this September, so i'm also helping my future husband plan the wedding. or trying to. i suck at planning big events. i figure people should be happy with some food, booze and music, but a wedding is a whole lot more involved than that.

P.S. i'm graduating with my CS degree this fall. yay for me!
P.S.S. i'm probably going to apply to the Master's Program. yay for me! not so yay for me blogging much.


emily2 said...

i filled my blogging quota today! :D

please come back soon. we need another sharp-tongued gen x-er to rant about how shitty everything is. :D =P

emily1 said...

i'm trying. i just feel overwhelmed by the shittiness of it all and i also have to make a half-assed effort to help Dan plan our wedding. right now, i'm doing my part by dealing with the beer-brewing. fun, but also a lot of work.

cc22 said...