Monday, July 14, 2008

i don't wanna grow up!

ok, deleted the post that was here because i forgot that y'all had this site linked to your real names on various places on the internet. but i hope y'all were temporarily amused. =P


emily1 said...

dude. other than the west coast hipster, who the hell are these people you're talking about?

emily1 said...

oh wait... business card person i recognize. sorry. just got into work and i've had no breakfast and no coffee yet.

emily1 said...

i kind of have an idea about who some of the people are. they were all in unnamed classmate's entourage, right?

emily2 said...

hahahahaha! lol. i was going to post this right after reunion, but i forgot about it. just to let you know, i have no real animosity towards these people. this post falls under the umbrella of "starting shit for no reason at all because i'm flipping out about other shit." except the part about the gay dude. wtf.

i think i have to stay away from the internet this week. feel free to delete my post if you think it's too stupid. =P

emily2 said...

yeah yeah said entourage includes the two gay guys that used to be joined at the hip and they sort of look alike except one is shorter than the other.

i feel like i am regressing.

i also kicked a wall today out of frustration and my toes hurt for a while. why? the last day of trial has been postponed to the week where i managed to trade up to a better season in my provincetown share, the (nonrefundable) deposit for which i already paid.