Monday, March 10, 2008

One Of The Most Incompetent Suicide Attempts Ever

last week, my fiance show me a case tried in the alaska court of appeals in 2007 concerning an individual who must be inducted immediately into the suicide incompetence hall of fame. in october 2002, Robert R. Dorr kidnapped his estranged wife after discovering that she was seeing another man. Dorr shot and killed his wife as she tried to escape from him and then turned the gun on himself. unfortunately, he was not as successful in killing himself as he was in killing his wife. Dorr shot himself twice in the head and survived.

there's a short blurb about his sentencing here.


joe said...

I wonder if he still wishes he succeeded.

I guess it kind of sucks that he didn't.... but I think I've heard of that kind of thing happening before. Sounds like he REALLY did it incompetently if all that he suffered was a little loss of hearing. Wow.

emily1 said...

who knows? prison is horrible, but most people don't commit suicide even when they are sentenced to life. i would imagine that he if wishes he had succeeded, he will find a way to finish the job.

it might take a few tries, though.

ThePoliticalCat said...

What a schmuck. He probably wasn't really trying.

As I always advise bullies like Dorr, "First commit suicide. Then murder your partner/kids/whoever." Do they listen?

celery said...

this man you speak of is my father, how awesome it is some stranger cares enough to write about him and give him such a cool ass award. he obviously chicken out on the suicide attempt I think he knew how to shoot him self in the head,in a way he wouldnt die if thats possible. Im not sure whats worse death or prison, I do know he is not remorsefull and blames his victim. who had 2 children. I also know he is in a medium security facility, what up with that. Im sure hes planning an escape, which seems possible only in the movies, but the fearfull.thought of him succeeding in that,often lurks in the back of my mother and mines brain. I wish he would have succeeded in that respect so my mother could sleep more soundly.
any way thank you from the bottom of my heart for caring enough to write about this. peace, xfile

Anonymous said...