Monday, February 11, 2008

winehouse sweeps the grammys

last march, i predicted that amy winehouse, then still a relatively unknown artist in the u.s. (at least among the folks who don't read music blogs or blender magazine), would be nominated for a grammy.

she didn't just get nominated. she won five grammy awards. killer!

too bad she's been drugged out of her mind and was barred from entering the u.s. due to her problems with narcotics, but this is evidence that good music still gets recognized.


Rhea said...

I think she's a very compelling and talented performer. Clearly, she has a lot of troubles and I hope she can get to the bottom of it all.

joe said...

I think your original post is what prompted me to look her music up via YouTube, so thanks for that.

Now, let's seriously hope that she lives until thirty. Clean it up, Amy!