Sunday, February 24, 2008

We've Been Tagged!

ThePoliticalCat just bestowed this award on WFD. we are now required to pick ten other excellent bloggers in return. here are my ten nominations:

Quench Zine

this blog was the first one that came to mind when i was mulling over my choices. quench is erudite, thought-provoking, funny and challenging. this blog covers LGBT issues, women's issues, poverty issues, race issues and manages to be the best-dressed and most entertaining at any party. you _have_ to add this one to your blogroll.

Persephone's Box

i visit Sage's blog several times a week and i'm always delighted when there's a new post. i admire anyone who can share difficult and painful stories with such candor and eloquence. this is one of the most unique feminist blogs out there.

B12 Solipsism

this blog is a brainy, arty blog with beautiful photographs and interesting commentary on politics, science, culture and art. and beautiful photographs. lots of beautiful photographs.

The Global Sociology Blog

this blog is a relatively new discovery. i found it because the author wrote a great article about our expanding surveillance society at Daily Kos. the author, who is a sociology professor at a midwestern community college, writes meaty posts about globalization, human rights, gender, class stratification and other important topics in the field of sociology. if you're like me and you like to read long, sourced, researched material about the human condition with a liberal viewpoint, this is a great blog for you.


this blog is an old favorite of mine that i discovered several years ago. it was there that i learned what fascism actually is. David and Sara write long and engaging articles about neo-nazi groups, authoritarianism, religious fundamentalism and their relevance to current political events.

Fetch Me My Axe

this is a great feminist blog that i added to our blogroll about a year ago. it covers LGBT issues, sexism, racism and disabilism. i have found some great links there over the past year, including Screw Bronze!.

skippy the bush kangaroo and jon swift

skippy and jon were the bloggers who inspired so many smaller blogs to band together and help raise each other's profiles after Blogroll Amnesty Day. they threw open their own blogrolls to the little blogs who wanted to exchange links and urged all of us to be active in promoting each other's work.

Rubber Hose

this blog has been on the blogroll here at WFD for some time. i first discovered it when upyernoz linked this post by emily0. this is an eclectic blog with posts about international politics, international culture, american politics and law.


Joe has been a reader and commenter at WFD for a while. his blog covers a gamut of topics, one of them being the challenge of living with HIV. he also writes about politics, movies, food and life as a gay man and has a habit of posting nice photos, including many beautiful images of food.

My Left Wing

this blog is a good place to enjoy lefty dialogue and it is possible to discuss topics that are likely to result in banning at Daily Kos. it's far friendlier to a strong feminist point of view than some of the large liberal blogs, and the people who write there represent a diverse cross-section of liberals who don't necessarily tow the Democratic party line.


Dizzy Dezzi said...

Knock me over with a feather! I didn't even realize that I didn't have you in my blogroll, already, because I read your site regularly! Thankfully, I fixed that :)

emily1 said...

thanks for the link back. i read your site regularly too. i think i found you through jon swift or skippy a while back.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Emily1, you're right about what Skippy and Jon Swift did with the BAD celebrations. I can't believe how many wonderful people are out there writing out their wisdom in their unique, delightful voices. I'm adding all ten of yours to my roll (mind you, I haven't caught up on adding all the celebrants yet!).

joe said...

Wow, thanks for the honor! Now I need to return the favor. Always enjoy checking in here -- if I didn't, I might miss out on wacky, essential stuff like a bunch of guys taking turns humping an ottoman. ;-)

emily2 said...

and don't forget the squirrels!

icarus said...

oooh i feel totally honored on behalf of the Quenchies (and thanks for your regular comments!)


Sage said...

Aww, thanks Emily!

emily1 said...

ThePoliticalCat, i'm going to add your nominees too. dizzy dezzi, i'll also put up links to the blogs listed in your Blogroll Amnesty Day post. i've also edited this post to include jon swift because he was also instrumental in getting the link love fest. i'm kicking myself for forgetting to add him to this post.

upyernoz said...

thanks for the plug! i'm really flattered

i should warn you though, i'm really bad with these blog meme things. i'll probably never get around to passing it on.

emily1 said...

that's ok. i don't always do memes either, and you actually already did a blogroll amnesty day post. i don't expect everyone to participate. one or two out of the eleven i tagged would make me happy.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Thanks, Emily1!

Emily2, what squirrels?

emily1 said...

i posted some squirrel videos here last week-- water-skiing squirrel, drunk squirrel, and squirrel obstacle course.

emily2 said...

you have not lived life until you have seen the squirrel videos!