Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pardon The Mess

so, i decided to upgrade our template because i wanted access to advanced features. doing so wiped out all the modifications we did to the classic template, including the blogroll. blogger, in its infinite wisdom, does not provide a means to copy a list of links all at once to the sidebar, so i have to add them back one by one by hand. this process will be done in a couple of days. we have a long blogroll.


upyernoz said...

did you vote henry0 off the island? or have you just not gotten around to reinviting him yet?

did that guy even exist?

emily1 said...

he did exist and he posted maybe twice. his own blog went silent a couple of years ago, and he hasn't posted a comment here in a very long time. so, i took him off as a contributor to the blog when i decided to mess with the blog template. now i need to harass emily3 to post more.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Oh. Well. That totally sux. I'm still catching up with the B.A.D. blogroll. This seems to take forever. Good luck.

emily1 said...

i did, at least, finish adding all the bloggers you gave the Excellent Blog Award. I'm still working on Dizzy Dezzi's B.A.D list of links. then, i'm going out to find more B.A.D. posts. maybe in a month, i'll be done.

one thing i've noticed about having a long blogroll of actively updated blogs is that it is easier to get links for link farms. speaking of which, i need to post another one this weekend.