Friday, February 15, 2008

butt boils.

i've noticed that one of the most popular search terms for this site is "butt boil" or any one of its brethren: "boil on the ass", "pilonidal cyst", or "boil on the butt." we get quite a few of these per day, so here's my advice to all who find us through such a search:


i know it's expensive. i know that making an appointment, waiting in line, filling out the paperwork might even be characterized as a "pain in the ass," but from what i've heard, the pain in the ass suffered as a result of a pilonidal cyst is much worse.

we know the state of the health care system in this country is as fetid as the liquid that flows out of such a boil after it is lanced, but attempting to seek help from us will do you no good, as we are not medical professionals. we can only give the following advice: GO. TO. THE. DOCTOR.

this has been a public service announcement.

(sorry, em1. i know this was your area of expertise, but i couldn't help it!)

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emily1 said...

no prob. i totally agree. people should go to the doctor for boils on their asses. one reason you didn't mention for why people don't go is that they're afraid of the diagnosis.