Thursday, January 17, 2008

wtf is up with gmail sponsored links?

i just got the following links on my gmail:

(1) NY Eyelid Surgery - - Preserving Ethnic Identity Through Cosmetic Surgery.


(2) Don't Vote For Ron Paul. - - Do You Agree? Vote Now! Take Our Ron Paul Survey.

go away!


emily0 said...

... do people "de-ethnicise" as they age or something? I mean, I'm not asking for coherence in spam, but I didn't even understand that first one.

LOL I'm only 32 but lookit how racially nonspecific I look already!

emily2 said...

i don't know the numbers offhand, but in certain asian communities, eyelid surgery to create a double eyelid (to strive for a caucasian standard of beauty) is really prevalent. the wacky thing is that it is SO prevalent that it has become a rite of passage and is somewhat ingrained in the asian identity. so, to preserve an asian ethnic identity, you have to have whitey eyelids.

confused yet? :)