Monday, January 07, 2008

what's that sound?

the sound of over a year's worth of savings getting flushed down the toilet!

thank you IRS! glad to know that the "self-employment tax" that my accounting software never applied in 2006 amounts to several thousand dollars plus interest! whoo hoo! i'm looking forward to paying into social security, a noble idea which has unfortunately turned into a worthless black hole! i am gladly writing a check, so the government can make sure that no child is left behind and that iraqis can continued to be waterboarded! okay, actually, it's so i don't go to jail.

and no dental insurance means i pay out of pocket when my teeth decide to malfunction! like this weekend!

how exciting!

what's next?!

(how about a proposal? the AMT and self-employment tax for people making less than $100k should be repealed entirely. student loan interest should be 100% deductible regardless of income, as should medical expenses, including dental, vision and over the counter drugs. how does anyone with higher education survive nowadays, especially when employers are increasingly hiring independent contractors and small companies are severely cutting back on benefits?! i foresee a movement towards pushing young people into skilled blue collar trades, such as plumbing and carpentry. higher education is no longer worth it.)


emily1 said...

silly wabbit. tax cuts are for millionaires and trust fund babies!

emily2 said...

well, i suppose a big fat goose egg for calendar year 2007 is better than being in the red... and i still have some money saved up from 2005/early 2006.

stay positive. stay positive. it could be worse.


kusala ~ joe said...

Does the current student loan interest deduction really benefit ANYONE?