Tuesday, January 08, 2008

u-g-l-y - you ain't got no alibi!

from pam's house blend: a whole lotta ugly may soon be hurled towards obama... from hillary supporters.

some of clinton's supporters are looking into creating a '527 committee, which would take money from uber-wealthy clinton supporters to finance ads aimed at tarnishing obama's image.

expect his middle name, hussein, to be squawked incessantly from idiot boxes all over the country. perhaps they'll call him a former slacker coke addict -- hey, maybe that's become a prerequisite for the presidency, considering who's currently in the white house! or maybe, if they really wanted to "go there," maybe a white playboy bunny will wink at him in the ads and say "call me"!

if this '527 is formed, watch out! whoever still believes the democrats are the kinder, gentler party is on crack!

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