Tuesday, January 15, 2008

u-g-l-y! you ain't got no alibi! part deux... and counting!

andrew sullivan points to this paranoid smear piece targeting obama in the washington post, which goes one step further than "guilty by association." it's more like the six degrees of kevin bacon. according to cohen, if your friend says something nice about a shitbag, you probably share the shitbaggy views of the shitbag. oh, that makes sense! lulz!


but now that we're flailing around, wildly connecting the dots... in a REAL op-ed piece in a generally respected national publication, what's next on the menu? do we concern ourselves about obama and dick cheney's recently-discovered blood ties, for example? if obama becomes president, will he declare himself the fifth branch of government? oh dear! (and maybe we should lock obama up during quail season, or he might shoot oprah by mistake!)

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