Thursday, January 31, 2008

Signs Of The Apocalypse

i never thought i'd see this happen. in fact, i thought they'd start opening starbucks in public bathrooms before they starting closing stores.


Ily said...

You know, I'm actually not surprised. That's over-saturation for you. When I was in Seattle, you could see the next Starbucks from the one you were in. It's hard to believe they could all make money...even if they do charge 4 bucks for a coffee. Here via Quench, btw. :-)
Ily, Asexy Beast

emily1 said...

four bucks for a drink is a crime. even if the price of the milk for the lattes is higher.

i used to work for Starbucks. i hated being the person who had to face the public after price increases. i wasn't allowed to be my normal smart-assed self while on the job. i couldn't remind angry customers that, as the person wearing the apron behind the counter, i occupied the 'shit job' segment of the Starbucks corporate enterprise, and therefore was not invited to the meetings where they made the weighty decisions regarding the prices.

i'm getting a perverse sense of pleasure out of this news.

welcome to WfD btw.

emily2 said...

i'm a starbucks reject. i applied to be a barista during college, and they totally wouldn't let me make coffee.

well i'm a barrister now, so kiss my ass starbucks!