Monday, January 28, 2008

omg! i has been betrayeded!

i don't feel betrayed, but then again, i wasn't asked for my opinion. and apparently, if you're a republican, and independent, or a democrat who supports a candidate other than hillary clinton, and you're a woman, your opinion doesn't count, and you're invisible.

NOW has done quite a number of good things for women, but this outburst was not one of them.

[hat tip the pedant]


The Pedant said...

Cue music:

emily2 said...

is this the most insane primary season ever or what?

The Pedant said...

I wasn't around for the 60's, so I'd have to say yes.

emily2 said...

i don't remember a time when people actually knew who the candidates were this early in the same. i vaguely remember howard dean and his screaming, but that's about it. i remember going "who's john kerry?" when his nomination was announced.

this time, people - bloggers, MSM, bill clinton, the kennedies, and people who never bothered to vote in their lives - are ALL doing the dean scream (except for the candidates themselves).

The Pedant said...

I followed the last election pretty closely, too - although I remember, during the pre-primary season, meeting a bunch of students for John Kerry in January 2004 and saying "who gets this enthusiastic about John Kerry?"