Wednesday, January 09, 2008

lol @ iphone fanatics

yeah, i don't get why a $400 web-surfin' phone is worth it, especially if AT&T doesn't have a high-speed network.

apple should open its product to sprint or verizon, which has blazingly fast EV-DO Rev. A networks.

i just replaced my old phone (whose battery decided to die permanently) with a dirt-cheap palm centro (which uses the sprint network), and the data access speed is amazing. it also has a touch screen, multimedia capabilities, a camera, a camcorder, IM, a web browser, and a music player. meanwhile, my coworker who bought the iphone is always trying to stand near this WiFi "sweet spot" in the office when he wants to send files.

i mean, what's the point? methinks people have been sucked in by the pretty lights and outward sex appeal of yet another overpriced apple product.

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The Pedant said...

I got the iPod Touch, and I'm pretty satisfied with wifi only.