Tuesday, January 22, 2008

how have you changed your spending habits?

this story indicates that americans have been curbing their spending due to recession fears. have you changed your spending habits at all?

i find that i've been cutting corners in my dry cleaning (i've been doing the "smell test" more.) i've also been visiting different supermarkets in one shopping trip. there's one in town with dirt cheap produce but expensive meats and groceries. and another with dirt cheap meat, moderately priced groceries but expensive produce. i'll walk to the dirt cheap produce market and buy my produce, then walk across town to the other supermarket to get my groceries and meat. it shaves $20-$25 off my food bill per week.


emily1 said...

yes. i have cut back significantly. dan and i do most of our shopping at Shaws now and have shunned Whole Paycheck for the last 3 months. we try to buy generic items that are on sale. we go to Trader Joe's for coffee and dairy because they are cheaper there. we hit the discount store in the neighborhood when we need common spices like pepper, garlic, onion powder and so on because a big container of those items costs only a dollar there.

we do not eat out much anymore (about 1-2 times per month) and when we do, we use coupons. i no longer eat in the company cafeteria. i make my own breakfast and lunch and bring them to work.

i haven't purchased any new music in months. I haven't been to goodwill for a shopping spree for dollar records for months. over christmas, we drove to see our families instead of flying. we chose our hotel stops based on the AAA discount we got.

i've also started making my own yogurt and hummus from scratch.

emily1 said...

oh yeah, i also stopped using my pick up and delivery laundry service. now, i lug my stuff up the street to the laundromat and wash it myself.

The Pedant said...

More coupon clipping, less eating out. Somewhat.

We're bad at this austerity thing.

emily1 said...

one more thing: when we go to the grocery store, we hit the reduced price racks first. we get loaves of bread for about a dollar. once we snagged some for 50 cents a loaf. we have a bread machine too which will be getting more use because it's cheaper to bake than to buy ready made stuff. there's sometimes a discount rack of produce with bags of assorted fruit and veggies for a dollar.

emily2 said...

reduced price racks RULE. the other day, we scored 3 boxes of instant oatmeal for $5 total. that's breakfast for a REALLY LONG TIME!