Saturday, January 05, 2008

democratic debates

edwards impressed me with his comment that the people most at risk in this country are college grads. basically, the middle class is being squeezed. to paraphrase, he said that large corporations had a stranglehold on washington and the american people, and that he has been fighting said corporations his entire adult life. obama inspires, but edwards really *has* taken on these corporations and won in the courtroom.

tough call... edwards/obama or obama/edwards? i'm still leaning obama/edwards, because an inspiring president that symbolizes hope and change, especially during this time, is something the american people need.

and we all know that the vice president isn't just a dope that stands in the background. look at cheney. edwards might just be able to shake things up behind the scenes.

(unfortunately, i'm stuck at home with weekend work, but a caught a peek at the debates for a few minutes.)

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