Tuesday, December 11, 2007

when will "analysts" start living in 2007?

so mall traffic is down, and this is a concern. strangely enough, i don't see any mention of online retailers in that article. everyone i know shops online. even my "i hate the internet" girlfriend and my "uh... why is my facebook photo sideways, and why can't i figure out how to turn it right-side up?" sister.

how about this... according to this article, online sales are projected to double from last year to this year. i am unsure whether the numbers are limited to the uk, but a 106% increase in online spending is pretty significant.

put two and two together, people.

i also love it when t.v. execs, at first, couldn't figure out why ratings for CW's "gossip girl" were so low. well, it's because you offer full episode streaming on CW's site, and you offer downloads on iTunes! if these old dudes in suits would just travel over to iTunes, they'd see that "gossip girl" has the most number of downloads on iTunes. and haven't these fools heard of DVR?! the traditional ratings system is so outdated that it's laughable. (as is the means of generating revenue through television ads.)

the methods for conducting political polls are also outdated. do you have a land line? i don't. my friends in the NYC/Northern NJ area don't. and we all vote. anyway, i think obama's numbers are actually higher than polls suggest.

just a scattershot minor rant...

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