Saturday, December 08, 2007


my gf has been sick all week, and she had informed me before that her mother used to give her tea with bourbon to make her feel better when she fell ill. (cool mom, right?)

anyway, i had some lapsang souchong tea, and i felt that two or three teaspoons of the lagavulin 16 i had would be a great compliment, because the tea is smoky and so is the whisky.

it was a hit. she claims that the mix broke up the phlegm and made her feel much clearer.

anyway, today i put a few teaspoons of another whisky i had - an aberlour, which cost nowhere near the $70 i paid for the lagavulin. i figured that the change wouldn't be noticeable, because at two to three teaspoons of whisky in a mug of tea, all whiskys would taste the same.

oh my god, she totally knew! she said it wasn't as good. my gf has expensive tastes.

:/ :(


The Pedant said...

My mom's cure is benedictine, brandy, and a slice of lemon, all heated up. Tasty, and a little cheaper.

emily2 said...

unfortunately, no fully stocked bar in my apt. :(

just some months-old orangecello and the two bottles of whisky.