Thursday, December 13, 2007

Snowballs LOVE Hell

... because hell is a blizzard with 1+ inch(es) of snow falling every hour. my fifteen mile drive home today took four hours. right now, i'm stewing angrily over the fact that my employer didn't cancel work today and didn't give the go ahead for us to leave until the storm was already well in progress. the driving conditions were horrific. driving in today's weather was immensely dangerous. the plows couldn't plow because traffic was gridlocked everywhere.

so. pissed. off.

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FM said...

yesterday our firm had a holiday party on a cruise ship, but the ramp to the ship was extremely dangerous, because it was covered with a sheet of ice. i got to the bottom of the ramp by "monkey-walking" down the railing (with my feet not touching the icy ramp).

part of me was hoping that i would slip and suffer an injury so that i could sue the cruise ship operators. that would have been a great way to pay off a chunk of loans.

oh, the desperate thoughts of an indebted wage slave...