Monday, December 10, 2007

ron paul all the way (to the end of the republican debates)

pam at pam's house blend gives one reason why ron paul should continue to be in the running until the republican nomination.

That [i.e. Paul's relatively tolerant attitude with respect to same sex marriage] deep-sixes Paul with the fundies, but he didn't court them anyway. What will be interesting is whether there will be follow up with Giuliani and Romney, who have been tagged with the pro-gay label in the past (and running from it now), to address Ron Paul's libertarian position on church and state regarding marriage.
yes, i know the "get the states outta marriage" argument (follow the link) is a non-starter in the wonderful land called "reality", but pam notes that ron paul's presence and his unwillingness to toe the republican party line automatically sets up a conflict with the remaining candidates. they will have to address ron paul's points. they will have to rebut his arguments and go on the defensive.

taking it one step further, ron paul sets up a buffer between the other republican candidates and hillary (or obama).

and in other news, ron paul has a blimp.


The Pedant said...

I am so tempted to give money to Ron Paul. Both directly, and to the Blimp as a way to cast a sledgehammer at campaign finance laws.

FM said...

ron paul's base, i believe, is comprised of geeks and weirdos who conjure up ideas like spending $250k to fly a blimp up and down the east coast, which will culminate in a reenactment of the boston tea party.

i disagree with around 50% of paul's platform, yet my inner adolescent approves.