Wednesday, December 05, 2007

mitt mitt full of shit.

an act of desperation, and nothing more. i don't believe for a second that he didn't know about the questionable immigration status of the workers landscaping his home. if the issue were never brought to light, they'd still be working for him. i don't think romney personally has a problem hiring illegal immigrants, but once he was put on the spot, suddenly he has a problem with it.

i think mitt "double guantanamo" / "in 1994 i was to the left of kennedy regarding gay rights, but now i think we should have a federal marriage amendment" romney would sell his grandmother to be president.

do i have "romney derangement syndrome," or is romney as big of a gasbag as i think he is?


The Pedant said...

I don't want to defend Mitt Romney, but honestly, what light construction/maintenance company isn't chock full of undocumented workers these days?

And, of those companies, which ones aren't full of sketchy rednecks and ex-cons, and cost a lot more for less quality?

So, if you have a nice house, odds are you pay illegal immigrants.

However, knowing that doesn't mean you should assume that any particular dark-skinned guy with a leaf blower snuck in from Guadelehara; you don't know that, and it's kind of racist because there are plenty of legal Hispanic people who have been here since we annexed territory from Mexico.

Mitt has to fire these guys NOW, since Giuliani, in his prosecutor way, has found out the truth and made it untenable (kind of like what happened to Bernie Kerik, actually), but I wouldn't be too hard on the Rom-ster for this.

emily2 said...

i guess my point is that he did it to save face, and that this motivation to save face was just SO OBVIOUS. everything that comes out of his mouth is either to (1) save face or to (2) pander shamelessly... which, i guess, applies to all politicians, but when romney does it, i tend to see it immediately.

the Inuriated Faggot said...

Do you know all of the illegal immigrants that can be said to work for you?