Monday, December 31, 2007

the L word season 5 premiere.

it's available on, and from the looks of it, the series is heading dangerously into "the fonz waterskis over sharks" territory. the premiere appeared to have been written by a high school student in creative writing class.



shane: "i do love you."

paige: "but you're not in love with me."

[paige stomps out]


[shane's business burns to the ground.]

police officer: we think it's arson. is there anyone who is angry at you? anyone you know who could have done this?

shane: [uncomfortably] uh... no.


[in prison...WTF?!]

alice, tina and shane try to give advice to helena about surviving in prison, and they all agree to the following: "don't drop the soap!"


i think a california wildfire needs to appear and kill off 1/3 of the characters.

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Melva said...

It's television--try not to take it so seriously. I know it's not great drama, but it is great fun. I'd much rather gossip about Shane, Bette and Alice's lives than make drama in my real life.