Wednesday, December 26, 2007


i've had two friends of mine tell me that i should learn to play golf for business reasons. i'm not kidding. some of my friends and my banker/consultant cousins play, but i can't think of a more boring game to spend time learning, other than curling. in any event, my firm's brand of snootiness lies in knowing wines (hint: no yellow tail or other mass-produced wines) and being able to pontificate during wine tastings. that's absolutely no problem for me! golf? meh.


Unknown said...

My life is so amazingly unrelated to your reality. It's uncanny.

FM said...

my ex is holding a wine tasting tonight. i think every lawyer in manhattan is a pretentious drunk. :)

most wines and brown liquors are within reach of even young attorneys, and lawyers are able to pontificate about minutia and distinguish one thing from another, because we're trained monkeys.

hence, the pontificating about alcoholic beverages.

we can't afford vacations to new zealand, but we sure know how to gab about the soil conditions in new zealand leading to grapefruit-tasting wines.

however, as noted in a previous post, my wall street friends are living in a reality i will never know.