Thursday, November 15, 2007

yep, it sure is election year!

here are a couple of rumors started about hillary clinton that i found hysterical. she is known to be the frontrunner and, as a result, is the target of the most ridiculous smear-jobs.

hillary led violent protests in defense of two black panthers - lol! it's hillary x! fight the power! (never mind that the original iteration of this story, which was initially circulated around 2000, was proven to be a hoax.)

hillary is a lezzzbeeeiiiaann! no, for real this time! like, really! oh noes!!!?! - she's sleeping with a female aide of indian/pakistani descent, whose parents are muslim? is it the lesbo thing or the muslim thing that's supposed to cause the reactionary hyperventilation? i dunno. i'm just happy this aide's mom and dad got over the india/pakistan rift, got it on, and produced someone this hot.

really, though, i don't think these are as bad as those rumors of her being a co-rapist back in the day.

but we still have another year until the election. i await what other bizarre fantasies rumormongers will conjure up about her or any of the other candidates.

"Hillary Clinton eats fetuses!"

"Hillary Clinton is running an international drug ring."

"Hillary Clinton purposely eats kim chee and eggs a few hours before important debates, so that her farts will debilitate any of her opponents."

"Hillary Clinton shot the sheriff. (And she also shot the deputy.)"


The Pedant said...

I thought "shooting the deputy" was the rumor. Shooting the sheriff, if I remember my Wailers correctly, was justified racial self-defense.

emily2 said...

you are absolutely right. so i will change it to AND she also shot the deputy.

emily0 said...

Her assistant is fucking HOT. If she's not hitting that, then she is not a dyke. Period. She's so straight she's used to make rulers. That chick is HOT.

(Damn I have useful political commentary this season.)

emily2 said...

mmm hmmm she be HOTT!!!