Friday, November 30, 2007

unhinged protestors call for execution of the teacher who allowed her students to name a teddy bear "mohammed"

not from the onion, sadly.


emily1 said...

i think everyone in the human race should receive a box of 'Colon Blow' cereal. they certainly need it.

emily2 said...

i wonder if these people realize that they look utterly unhinged and barbaric to a reasonable civilized person. they probably don't even realize it and believe what they are doing is 100% right and 100% reasonable.

these people remind me of the phelps clan. i wonder if any of phelps' grandkids who are fed hateful and ridiculous ideas from day to day will eventually realize that their brains have been filled with sewage since the day they were born and that they need to flush out said sewage.

bring on the colon blow!

emily1 said...

crowds are notoriously vicious. this is a real life example of the two minutes hate.

emily2 said...

update - the teacher was pardoned.

carry on. :)