Friday, November 02, 2007

is this bitch on crack?

so all it takes to be a top-ranked political pundit these days is to think of third-grade level insults, like "hillary cliton is accepting donations from people who are 'smellier than stinky tofu'"?


hell, then i can be a highly paid journalist too!

see, watch me!

"nanny nanny boo boo! stick your head in doo doo! michelle malkin looks like a monkey and she smells like one too!"

now give me my fucking column already!


Joe said...

I love how the whole phrase was "campaign contributors... who were limited-income, limited-English-proficient and smellier than stinky tofu."

Way to resurrect the Yellow Peril and hurl some disparaging ethnic/immigrant insults at the same time, Michelle! Wooot!

I'd love to see some Asian-Pacific Islander activists get hold of Malkin in a dark alley somewhere.

FM said...

Well I would say that using the term "smellier than stinky tofu" in a journalistic piece falls into the category of "limited-English-proficient."

I suppose when your peers are Ann Coulter and Debbie Schlussel, puerile schoolyard taunts are de rigueur.