Friday, November 09, 2007

the internet is awesome.

under "new world order (conspiracy)" on wikipedia:

Lyndon Larouche and the House of Windsor theory

The perennial U.S. presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche claims that the "New World Order" is a conspiracy directed by the House of Windsor (the British royal family), which, he asserts, also controls the international Illegal drug trade. He claims the Fabian Society (of which H.G. Wells was a member) was secretly financed by the Royal Family so that the Windsors could gain control of the eventual world government. LaRouche asserts that as of 2006 the Neo-Conservatives (especially Dick Cheney) are working with the House of Windsor to set up a type of fascism throughout the world which LaRouche calls synarchism and which, he claims, the Neo-Conservatives hope will become the basis of the New World Order [15]. George W Bush and Tony Blair are thought to have iniated NWO.
AWESOME. i knew that prince harry was trouble!


Howie G said...

Dorothy, you could try to be a little more accurate. There are the bankers in London and the Cayman Islands who are running the British Empire all over again, and yes, with their friends like Dick Cheney too. For more, see my blog, or or even

emily2 said...

dude. i copied from wikipedia. go complain to the wikipedia editors.

emily2 said...

hold on. em1 - is this cleverly disguised spam? i can't tell.

emily0 said...

Wow, did someone just seriously direct us to Larouchepac? WTF dude, CULTISTS GO HOME

So that's what they do all day - spam the web for discussions of Larouche and inject hot beef lovin'. Eww.

emily0 said...

Also, none of us are Dorothy, dumbass. WE'RE WAITING FOR HER!

emily2 said...

i guess that answers my question: it *is* cleverly disguised spam.


but keep it around. it's sort of funny.