Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Getting That OId Dotcom Feeling Part 2

More gloom and doom. (Note, I first found this article on JDUnderground and looked for its source. The search led me to Indymedia and Counterpunch, which, from my admittedly limited experience, hold a strong lefty bias. And another site had an anti-privatization quote by Chomsky. Finally, I came across a site where the editors thought that Nancy Pelosi was too far right and needed to be impeached. So consider who's printing this. But whatever. I still think it's onto something.)


emily1 said...

i've been saying this for years. so, i guess that makes me a lefty crackpot. :-/.

emily2 said...

hell, i've been saying it too. i guess that also makes me a crackpot!


i guess taken in conjunction with the post directly following this one, maybe we're also feeling increasingly paranoid? perhaps we're nutty? i don't know.

however, although the post i linked to does take a position that is more gloomy than most stories that i've seen in the mainstream media, it doesn't seem to be saying anything that's totally unreasonable. the stories about the subprime meltdown are all over the place. why does this story only seem to be posted on "fringe" sites?

gah, fuck it. i guess i'll be resigned to the possibility that i'm a crackpot who's all over the map. yay.

emily2 said...

on second thought, screw the crackpot stuff. it's common knowledge that, after a period of extreme exuberance where people pay inflated prices for things that are not worth those prices, the market will correct itself.

i think we're right on the money.