Monday, October 22, 2007

Is the New York Times smoking crack?!

"A Son of Immigrants Rises in a Southern State"

Pray tell... is Bobby Jindal's ethnicity even relevant here? I call your attention to a selection from his voting record:

* Voted NO on expanding research to more embryonic stem cell lines. (Jan 2007)
* Voted NO on allowing human embryonic stem cell research. (May 2005)
* Voted YES on restricting interstate transport of minors to get abortions. (Apr 2005)

* Voted YES on Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage. (Jul 2006)
* Voted YES on making the PATRIOT Act permanent. (Dec 2005)

With this record, how could he NOT have swept a southern state? If a blue-eyed blond drawlin' cajun were to have run against him with, say, Mike Gravel's platform, Bobby Jindal STILL WOULD HAVE WON.

My only reaction to Jindal was "Goddamn! A Generation X politician holds these retrograde views? We're FUCKED for a long time to come!"


Joe said...

Feel free to wade through all 500+ comments on the following thread from a South Asian blog with a mostly Gen X-Y-Z readership:

Joe said...

er... South Asian-American, I should have said.