Wednesday, October 03, 2007

i have an answer as to where the photo of the naked woman came from.

think like a high school kid for a moment.

you know where your teacher's memory stick is. you are tech-savvy. you know that he will be giving a lecture and using images on the memory stick. what do you do?

i think this is a high school prank and nothing more.

(oh and to the yearbook staff at my high school: the computer that started bellowing "i have a virus" over and over again didn't actually have a virus. while you weren't paying attention, i recorded myself saying "i have a virus" on one of the newspaper staff's computers, and then i distorted the audio file. then i transferred the audio file onto one of your then-brand-new macs via floppy disk, and i set the audio file as an alarm to go off at a predetermined time. then i turned the speakers up and left. surprise!)

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