Monday, October 15, 2007

annoying things people do (or don't do).

throwing a house party takes effort. you have to gauge how much alcohol to buy and how much food to buy. not to mention how many plates, napkins, various party favors, etc. and if there is a substantial number of people coming, you have to think about things like getting a cover for the couches, so spills will be mitigated. and you can only do that when PEOPLE RSVP PROPERLY.

evite is a wonderful tool that allows people to say "yes" "no" or "maybe" really really really easily, yet i find that people often don't take the two seconds to actually respond. i know this, because evite tells you when people have looked at the evite. well, if you took the time to look at the invitation, you have the time to click your mouse one more time.

anyway, if i'm undertaking the $$$ and effort to throw a party, the least people can do is take the few seconds to respond.

right now, anywhere from 20 to 60 people will show up this weekend, and that range just doesn't leave me much to work with.


emily1 said...

i'm sorry i didn't respond. i'm one of those laggards who tends to ignore emails for long periods of time. i did eventually email you even if i didn't respond to the evite. now that email is everyday and not a cool novelty, it has become kind of a chore to deal with it. i've begun to feel annoyed about email, though i don't feel the same level of absolute hatred for it that i do for telephones.

i know emails don't take much time to read and answer, but i'm busy and over-committed, so i just sort it.... let it pile up while telling myself i'll eventually get around to it. which almost never happens. i think there's probably a lot of this going on for other people who didn't respond. buy enough alcohol for the people who responded and if the alcohol runs out too soon, you can blame it on people who didn't bother to RSVP but showed up anyway.

i procrastinate on stuff like this because it's just not fun anymore to wade through everything and respond to real messages that aren't imploring me to buy a penis enhancement product. i get invites all the time to join this and that group or to come to this or that event that i kind of shut down when i open my email and i have a page full of emails to sort, delete, read and answer. sometimes i avoid even checking it because i know there's going to be a bunch of them to sort.

emily2 said...

oh oops, i forgot you were one of the slackers. lol. (honestly, i didn't think you would come all the way to nj, so you're exempt.)

Kara Mell said...

Hi Emily2,

This is Eva from Evite. Thanks for your kind words about our website. I totally feel your pain about people not responding to invitations. I even wrote about that very issue recently on our blog (

And speaking of blogs, I really like yours.

Have fun at your party,