Friday, October 05, 2007

90s. again. NEED HELP!

there is so much music from that decade, and i need to cull it down to around six hours. right now i have eight hours of hip hop, r & b, pop, eurodance, and danceable rock.

if you were throwing a 90's dance party (to a mainstream audience), what would be your essential picks?

(the party is over two weeks away, but filtering through all this music makes me happy. it reminds me of a time when... all i did was filter through music and throw parties. and i didn't have to get up and go to work the next day. going to class was optional... and i generally opted out. and HOLY SHIT em1 - our tenth year reunion is coming up!)


Dizzy Dezzi said...

I know what you mean. I have a party coming up this weekend and I am sure that I will "forget" to include some song that someone will feel I "neglected" to include in my repetoire. When it comes to 90s music, I include a lot of r&b and techno. I always make sure I have a few 90s "line dance" music, including the Macarena (everyone whines about how they hate it, but most people get up to dance, just to see if they remember how it goes and it's hilarious to watch).

Sage said...

Given your last post, I think we're on different pages. But for me, 90s = Nirvana.

emily1 said...

vanilla ice, baby. there's somebody you totally can't leave off the playlist. and New Kids On The Block.

in all seriousness:

Sinead O'Conner
The Cranberries
No Doubt
Daft Punk
Spice Girls
90's Madonna

emily2 said...

sage, back in the early 90s, i was an annoying indie rock snob (believe it or not, i used to spout forth smelly tripe such as "nirvana is on a major label. they are sellouts. bleagh.")

but now i appreciate all the bad cheesy 90s tunes that seem to be exceedingly plentiful in number. i mean, who doesn't get a little happy hearing the first line of sir-mix-a-lot's "baby got back"? "I LIKE BIG BUTTS AND I CANNOT LIE!"

(and yes, the macarena!!! thanks, d.dezzi. totally forgot it.)

kusala said...

All I can say that you'd better be sure to include at least one track from Erasure's Abba-Esque EP. And, if you really want to camp it up, maybe a little RuPaul.

In addition, some other 90s must tracks for me:
Pure - The Lightning Seeds
Regret - New Order
Deeper & Deeper - Madonna
If That's Your Boyfriend He Wasn't Last Night - Me'Shell Ndege'ocello
Shoop - Salt N Pepa
Groove is in the Heart - DeeLite
Cantaloop - Us3
Hit - The Sugarcubes (and various by Bjork)

I could probably list 50 more if I sat down and tried.

I'd also recommend checking out the annual lists on this Wikipedia page