Friday, September 21, 2007

things that ain't right. happy friday!

here are a couple of videos from the "leave britney alone!" guy. wow. just wow.

now, i grew up in the south, and i just want to say that, based on personal experience, neither noose boy nor britney boy represents southerners. i'm audi.


emily1 said...

ah, the legendary chris cocker. i know his videos seem a little silly, but he's one of the bravest people ever. he's out in a conservative southern town and he tried to start a gay-straight alliance in middle school. very very brave kid.

FM said...

well one thing's for sure - i think we'll be seeing more of him. and he dances better than britney.

(also, do you think that one's level of flamingness is directly proportional to the level of oppressiveness of one's hometown? it always seems that the most outrageously stereotypical gay people are from "bumfuck, state of moo". like "teh gay" has been stuffed into a tiny square box too long and then one day it bubbles up like "POW! FLAME FLAME FLAME FUCK IT!" there was a heated discussion on joemygod as to whether media's obsession with and publicizing of outrageous gay people hurts gays. oh well. but what the hell. he's just a kid.)

anyway, sorry for the snide remark, mr. crocker (i haven't perfected gawker's razor sharp art of snark, so you'll have to excuse me) - you keep doing what you're doing, and get the hell out of wherever you're living, because i think it's making you karazy!