Monday, September 24, 2007

lesbian couple sues IVF doctor for being implanted with twins

this story has been floating around the christian/conservative blogosphere for a while.

to the women: let's see... someone gets impregnated with twins. both parties get stressed out. sex ends. sounds like a normal marriage to me! so shut up, and deal like everyone else!


Me. Here. Right now. said...

Um, yeah. As I sit here with twins and recall the solid year of sleeplessness. What do they think couples who conceive twins without the help of IVF do? Sue the OB? Sheesh. The noive.

Joe said...

I thought that it was typical in IVF to implant like 4-6 embryos in the HOPE that at least one would become viable... or do I have that wrong?

This is just sick. Maybe they could have adopted if they wanted to guarantee that they'd have just ONE kid? D'ya think??

Joe said...

OK, revised my position in light of the following. I assume it will ultimately depend on whether these particular details of the IVF procedure were included in some kind of contract with the doctor.

When Dr Armellin - who has a private practice in the inner-Canberra suburb of Deakin - was cross-examined by the women's barrister, Hugh Marshall, SC, he admitted to mistakenly inserting two embryos rather than one.

"That is correct, I accept that, I said that right from the beginning," Dr Armellin said.

"It was an incorrect procedure, I acknowledge that."

FM said...


all i know is that, with ivf, the chance of getting twins (or more) is pretty high. (in fact a coworker of mine has twins through ivf)

i didn't read this page in detail, but it says 25%.