Tuesday, September 04, 2007

iowa redux. and something about massachusetts.

i was going to say something else about the iowa matter, but when i read this story about the two students who got married after the ruling, the only thing i can say is, "OMG! they met on FACEBOOK! THAT'S SO CUTE! OMG!"

can you see the "how did we meet" story? (facebook joke ahead!)

"so how did you guys find each other?"
"well, first he 'poked' me!"

speaking of marriage, guess who owns property in provincetown now? MEMEMEME!! okay, it's a timeshare, but it's deeded. (i gots me some fee simple absolute!) anyway, i have a deed to an actual condo unit and a physical mailing address. so now i have massachusetts residency, and i can get married.


(p.s. if anyone is interested, i would be happy to inform you about unpublicized credit cards that have 0% balance transfers forever. i know this sounds spam-y, too-good-to-be-true etc., but my parents are whizzes at manipulating money, and so is my fiancee, so i know the deal i just signed up for is legit. how'd you think i financed the above transaction anyway?)


emily1 said...

dood. don't play the revolving credit card game. it's a bad idea.

emily2 said...

you have to follow the rules closely, because if you don't, they'll jack up your rates, but if you're disciplined and read through the fine print, it works. it's not for everyone, because not everyone is disciplined enough to remember crucial dates and to follow through with the required activity... and (most of all) to refrain from using the card except to hold a balance, but it worked for my parents.

emily2 said...

oh, and you can't transfer too many balances, because then your credit score goes down.

but if you do it once, it's a pretty neat trick.