Thursday, September 06, 2007

Inexplicable And Massive Irritation Caused By Other People's Language Part II

emily1 already posted her pet peeves.

here's my whipping post of the day.

every time someone makes the following statement, i want to hit him or her over the head for sheer stupidity:

"the government should get out of the marriage business altogether."
okay, cracksmokers... sure, it sounds wonderful, but what is the likelihood of this happening? i'd like money to fall out of the sky, but guess what... IT ISN'T HAPPENING. never. never ever ever. it's a non starter.

so if your libertarian pipe dream is about as likely as, say, gravity disappearing, why make the argument at all? would you take someone seriously who says, "gravity shouldn't exist. if gravity didn't exist, i could fly!"

please debate on earth. that's all i'm asking.


The Pedant said...

I'd also like to say that the intersection between people who want the government to get out of the marriage business and many others who want to liberalize marriage in other ways makes a lot of hay for social conservatives who are already angry at no-fault divorce but can't do anything about that.

emily1 said...

omg. i SOOOOO second this. a couple of years ago, we had a conservatarian troll for a little while who made exactly that same statement. it's like they all get a chip implanted in their heads that forces them to repeatedly spout exactly the same talking points.