Wednesday, September 19, 2007

harvard social clubs redux.

the women definitely rock it better and have their heads attached to the rest of their bodies. anyway, that article was written seven years ago, and women's social clubs at harvard appear to be doing well. anyway, i'm glad that there is something for the women and that the presence of these organizations is becoming more solidified, and hopefully, these groups will become as useful as final clubs allegedly are for the men, without the douchebaggery and pompousness of course.

over ten years ago, these groups were nothing more than a tiny squeak in the harvard social fabric. and the all-female final club "the bee" was semi-secret, and people spoke of it, not with reverence, but with disdain. as in "ew! look at what those girls are trying! they're trying to be like the guys but it's nothing more than an emulation!" i kid you not. (kind of reminds me of the "you're subscribing to heteronormativity" comments, no? sorry, had to go there one more time.) i don't think the stained reputation of the male final clubs helped very much, and if many people thought the women were trying to emulate the men, i suppose it is understandable why there was such skepticism. after all, why model yourself after something that the majority of the undergraduate population thought was icky, right? and sorority members would approach potential rushees with invitation cards, which would be met with quizzical looks and the following comment: "why? that's so lame."

times have changed.

of course, the best scenario is if final clubs admit women, which, i think, would civilize the clubs and open up some powerful networking avenues to women. but until then, go sistas! go on with your bad selves! and please, behave nicely and show them boys you can do it better!

(full disclosure: i'm a member of one of these groups, and i joined out of curiosity and at a time when joining one of these groups was totally uncool. okay, and my mom sort of made me do it as well. "averie chang* joined blah blah blah and you should too! DO IT!!!" now i'm sort of glad i did.)

* name changed to protect the real party, of course. "averie chang" was a girl in my high school who i was incessantly compared to by my mom. if you're asian, you'll understand.

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