Wednesday, August 15, 2007

good times.

my dad told me that a bunch of rabbits ate his lilies and vegetables, so he complained to a retired catholic priest in the neighborhood, who lives in a huge house purchased by the parish - damn, i should have been born asexual and male... oh well. anyway, said priest suggested they go hunting rabbits. my dad thought this was a great idea. so my dad and the priest started went around hunting rabbits with bb guns in suburbia, and now a few of them are in the freezer for stew.

you can put a dude in a lab coat, a suit or whatever those things priests wear, and you can stick them in a suburban home, but eventually, the biological imperative to hunt critters will come out, often in bizarre ways...


emily1 said...

mmm. rabbit tastes good. i actually found rabbit for sale at the pan-asian supermarket last month across the river in brighton for about 6 bucks for a rabbit. they also have ten dollar frozen ducks.

emily2 said...

well i guess wildlife in the square states is safer to eat than anything around here. i just thought the vision of two old dudes chasing rabbits across people's lawns with bb guns was funny.

if i am ever offered any game meat from, say, central park, i would be afraid of mad rabbit disease or some sort of rare microplasma that would turn me into a werewolf.

wait, if i eat a tainted rabbit and become insane so that i am unable to work, can i discharge my student loans?