Tuesday, August 21, 2007

doc review is being outsourced to india.

it's happening. if this trend continues, 50% of all law school graduates will be shit outta luck.

this all ties in with my previous tantrums about the middle class squeeze. if we don't get off our high horse and if we don't start seeing what we really are - fungible wage slaves - we are doomed.

outsourcing is occurring just as tuitions are reaching the $40k a year mark. wake up, people! time to lobby the ABA! if this practice is officially labeled the "unauthorized practice of law" this nonsense will stop. it's your ass on the line, folks.

update: "disgruntledjd" posts at 3:21pm PT:

Outsourcing the legal profession to India will glut the entry level associate market further lowering entry level salaries. This will hurt everybody in the long run, but will temporarily increase the bottom line for all law firm partners. Well, be assured of one thing: as the middle class dwindles in numbers, and more professionals are poor, even fewer will be able to afford the products corporations produce thus reducing demand in the marketplace, seriously damaging corporate earnings which will in turn obliterate the price of corporate stocks. This along with other contributing factors such as the increased default in sub-prime mortgages, the terrible real estate market, and the drain of all our taxdollars being spent to rebuild Iraq will lead our country into a downward spiral, and probably to a depression. If a depression causes corporation's stock prices go down, they will no longer have the money to fund BIGLAW and all these fat cats will have to take out second mortgages on their second and third homes. The good part of the looming depression is that it will cause the rich to lose lots of money because their assets will lose value (e.g. homes, stocks). If I'm going to be poor at least I'm taking these bastards with me.
i ain't the only one thinking this way!

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