Friday, August 24, 2007

at what point does generation x lead into generation y?

i think it boils down to two words: "star wars."

for our torts exam, our professor had us watch "star wars." (don't ask. the reason is not important.) a couple of people in my study group were born in the early 80s, and much to my surprise and horror, they had never watched "star wars." in fact, they didn't even grasp the extent of the cultural phenomenon known as "star wars." it was "just an old movie." and after watching it, their response was "this is dumb" as if it were a disposable made for tv sci fi channel movie.

if you understand the cultural phenomenon known as star wars and lived through the madness of begging your parents for x-wing fighters and darth vader figurines, you're in generation x. if you saw "star wars," "the empire strikes back," or "return of the jedi" in theaters with your dad, you're in generation x. if you thought the people who kept repeating lines from star wars as a kid were complete geeks, but you remember passing by the star wars figurines on the way to the cabbage patch kids aisle, you're still in generation x.

no, learning about "star wars" from your older brother or sister or your parents doesn't count. you had to have lived through the time period and experienced it. seeing the film on VHS a few years after it came out in theaters doesn't count.

if the star wars trilogy phenomenon happened when you were alive, and you remembered it, you're in generation x.

if you don't remember it as it was happening, you're in generation y.

lesson over.


The Pedant said...

Yay! I saw Return of the Jedi in the theaters! I count as Generation X!

emily2 said...

i saw return of the jedi in theaters in first grade. it was the first movie i ever saw in theaters.

m00nchild said...

Clearly no taste some generations have.

Veronica said...

Return is the first movie I remember seeing in a theater. With.. my dad.

I was also young enough to be really excited with they made the Ewok movie the "Movie of the Week" the same day I got my first cavities filled.

Though, to tell you the truth... I fucking hate the whole rigamole these days. George Lucas can bite me.

emily2 said...

[addendum: this applies if you watched any of them with "your mom" too. i just put "my dad" because of my personal memory... because my mom had no desire to see it and stayed home, whereas my dad was chattering about someone named "darth vader" and this new bad guy named "jabba the hutt" all the way to the theater.]