Saturday, July 14, 2007

yay hoboken!

we have wifi and trendy boutiques, but no running water! and a broken sewer system.

this town is an expensive third world country. it's a gilded toilet. if you put gold leaf on a porcelain toilet, it might look shiny, but deep down, it's really just a run of the mill porcelain toilet.

screw it. i'm moving to jersey city. at least you know jersey city is a run of the mill toilet. and it still has run of the mill toilet real estate prices.

update: the city sent out an advisory telling residents not to brush teeth with, drink or cook with the tap water without boiling it first, because it could be bacteria-infested. yum! it's like spring break in tijuana! with the muggy disgusting weather to go along with the cholera-causing water!

isn't it nice to know that your town (where two bedroom condos routinely sell for $600,000) doesn't have its own water supply? normally, we get ours from jersey city, and now we're siphoning off weehawken's water supply.

and the water coming out of the faucets is still brown.

(the jersey city joke isn't really a joke. i'm looking at a condo in jersey city today.)


David W said...

Can you get gallon jugs of distilled water @Costco ?

Failing that, can FEMA have litre bottles of Fiji airlifted in ?

emily2 said...

now, the one thing hoboken DOES have is liquor stores. every store was out of bottled water, but there was plenty of beer.