Friday, July 06, 2007

three to four hour science project?

no, no, no! don't take the LIRR to sayville, especially if you're on the east side of manhattan. this is when you reach into your rolodex or palm pilot and make a list of all of your friends who have cars. a car shaves off an hour from the commute, because you can park next to the ferry.

jmg's 3-4 hour science project:

1. A 15-minute walk to the 6 train at 68th Steet.
2. 6 train to Grand Central.
3. S train from Grand Central to Times Square.
4. 1 train from Times Square to Penn Station.
5. Long Island Railroad from Penn to Jamaica, Queens.
6. LIRR from Jamaica to Sayville, Long Island.
7. Van shuttle from Sayville to Fire Island Ferry.
8. Ferry to Fire Island.

emily2's 2 hour cliff's notes version:
1. Find a disgruntled friend with a car who desperately needs beach time and frothy drinks. Offer to pay for parking.
2. Hour and twenty minute drive to Sayville in the HOV lane. Leave early in the morning, so you avoid traffic. (And never, never, never take the Queens Midtown Tunnel, which only exists to cause road rage. Depending on where you are, take the Queensboro Bridge or any of the bridges/tunnels to Brooklyn. Then onto 495.)
3. Sprint across street to ferry.
4. Ferry to Fire Island

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