Sunday, July 08, 2007

O'Reilly Rants about Lesbian Gangs

OMG new levels of news depravity - the "no-spin zone's" invention of a New Danger, fag gangs. I could not even make this shit up.

God I fucking hate him.

Thanks, Orcinus, for writing it and thanks, Sonjaaa, for bringing it to my attention.


emily2 said...

why yes. they're roaming the streets and will ambush you by pelting you with falafels.

*rolls eyes*

emily0 said...

Did you watch the clip?

Did you spontaneously retch every time that fat bastard opened his mouth?

Cos I did. Made it hard to concentrate on the vomitus that passes for "fair and accurate" he himself were spewing, but I managed.


emily2 said...

i watched it. the man has mental problems. we know he has a sexual fetish involving a certain middle eastern food. i also suspect the thought of marauding lesbian gangs turns him on.

the thought of pistol-packing lesbians rubbing him all over with falafels must get him quivering with lust.

now i just grossed all of you out. ha ha!