Monday, July 23, 2007


omaha is considered a liberal city? so what's a conservative city? the vatican?

all joking aside, i guess this means i've been spared wingnuttery my entire life.


The Pedant said...

I hear Cleveland's pretty conservative. Also Memphis.

emily2 said...

cleveland is also a "liberal city." i think it's old-school labor "liberal".

upyernoz said...

actually, cleveland is quite liberal. ohio has a north-south liberal-conservative divide that has been around since the civil war (southern ohio was pro-slavery, northern ohio was anti-). it's not just old-school labor liberal (though it's also that). cleveland was one of the first cities to call for bush's impeachment and pass resolutions condemning the iraq war. dennis kucinich is one of cleveland's representatives to congress.

as for omaha, well, i can't explain that one. it may just be a matter of contrast. nebraska is one of the reddest states in the land. it could be that any purplish pocket comes across as "liberal" in a place like that.

emily2 said...

*hits head* - kucinich! of course!

yeah, cleveland is pretty liberal.

(note: i was born in cleveland, then moved to chapel hill/carrboro, then cambridge ma, then a few months in omaha, then the new york city metro - i think the reason why i laugh at freepers instead of being alarmed is that, based on where i've lived, i've never had the chance to run across any of them in real life. they're like UFOs and the loch ness monster.)