Monday, June 11, 2007

the "..." sopranos finale.

update 2:00pm: one of the most recent google searches to this site was "what does it mean when a cat stares at a dead person's picture". here's the answer: massive cancellations of HBO subscriptions.

i agreed to interrupt the tony awards to watch tony soprano, and now i will never get my hour back.

the only entertaining part of the finale was the cat who wouldn't stop staring at the picture of the dead boy. i could have stared at the cat staring at the picture of the dead boy for an entire hour and been more entertained.

the star of the episode was the cat. give the cat a golden globe award.

basically, nothing happens to tony soprano. the episode literally ends in mid-sentence. after a meandering hour of a whole lotta nothing, tony soprano and his family end up meeting each other for dinner, and then the screen suddenly cuts to black as his daughter enters the restaurant.

prior to the screen cutting to black, there is a scene where tony soprano's daughter spends about fifteen minutes unable to parallel park in a parking space the size of a small yacht, which is pretty much an accurate reflection of north jersey drivers.

at least i saw enough of the tony awards to make a mental note that i should watch "spring awakening", which sounds like a 19th century german version of degrassi junior high.

update: apparently, an angry herd of sopranos fans cyber-rushed HBO's website after the finale and crashed whacked it.

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Hahn at Home said...

This is a really good point. Really. Philosophically wraps up my entire obsessive Sopranos watching for the last 99 years.