Tuesday, June 12, 2007

disaster-mongers are right on schedule

every year at the commencement of hurricane season, someone always announces that new york city is due for another hurricane. every year. every year, the worst case scenario is gleefully hypothesized - a major hurricane hits new jersey, pushing a 30-foot wall of water into the hudson river, flooding all of the subways and submerging lower manhattan! omg! panic!

anyway, folks, get your rubber rafts and inner tubes ready, because the way gas prices are going, you won't be able to afford to evacuate by automobile! and even if you could, there aren't enough gas stations to service everyone fleeing manhattan/long island/north jersey!

whoo hoo!!!


The Pedant said...

Two things:

1) NYC is also due for an earthquake which will probably flatten all the crappy 100-year-old buildings in Chinatown.

2) Why didn't we get an inflatable raft that time the Financial District was flooded, other than the risk of drowning before hitting Jersey?

emily2 said...

1) no dim sum for me. :(

2) when did the financial district flood? i lived there in 2004-2005. currently, i live on a street that is below sea level in hoboken, which is always fun when it rains.