Monday, June 04, 2007

attention emily1

if you come across this fine brew, be sure to have yourself a taste: dogfish head 90 minute imperial IPA. that is all.

(note: it looks like they also have an eXtreme 120 minute IPA, but it looks like it falls into the category of sam adams triple bock, which as you know, is too eXtreme to be enjoyed. 20% ABV is 40 proof. a 40 proof beer is, well, not a beer.)

but whoa... this one seems quite nice as well...

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Sangemon said...

The dogfishhead brews are fantastic. I've been on the west coast for the past couple of weeks and have been introduced to two brews by Stone. They have an excellent IPA and their Arrogant Bastard is not to be missed. If you ever see those Stone brews, jump on them!

Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll BTW! :))