Tuesday, May 15, 2007

turds of society.

you ever wonder what happened to certain "shock jocks" as a child that turned them into such worthless pieces of trash. were they bullied? rejected? made fun of for being ugly? (google "opie and anthony." you'll see why they're not tv stars!)

i was dragged to a live comedy show only to sit though a slew of untalented and uncreative "comics" rail on and on about arabs and mexicans. now, i don't mind people railing on and on about arabs and mexicans if it's FUNNY. but this particular show was just mean. south park and "team america, world police" are irreverent and funny. jokes about shooting mexicans with no punchline are not. it got to the point where there were people hissing. the comedian (who, by the way, was an opie and anthony show member) started heckling the audience in return, essentially saying we were pussies. i walked out. i don't understand why people feel they should sit through something they don't like. if i didn't like a particular professor at school, i skipped lecture and learned on my own. hell if i'm going to sit through a "comedy" show run by a bunch of drooling idiots.

frankly, i think you're a pussy if you get successfully bullied by a b-level disk jockey into sitting through a bunch of crap you can't stand or are afraid to say that something sucks!

now of course, i got an earful afterwards, because i "embarrassed" my girlfriend, who told me that "the mexican laughed at the 'kill mexicans' joke. lighten up!"

and your point is?

I DON'T GIVE A FUCK IF THE MEXICAN GUY LAUGHED AT THE "KILL MEXICANS" JOKE! i only care if *i* get my money's worth laughing my ass off. i can't predict what i'm going to like, but if i'm there, and i don't like it, i don't feel that i should have to sit through it to please anyone.

let's put it this way: if you went out and ordered some trousers online and they turned out to be the wrong size, would you "suck it up," wear them, and waddle around with a wedgie to please the seller? or would you send it back for a refund or an exchange?

if the only television show that you watch on cable television started to become crushingly boring, would you keep paying time warner a monthly fee, because you, the customer, must be wrong for not liking the programming?

give me a break.

furthermore, the dopes who think that the thrust of the foregoing contradicts the guarantee of "free speech" enshrined in the first amendment should pick up a copy of the constitution. the first amendment limits the government's power to regulate speech. private entities can limit speech. furthermore, an individual (or a group of private individuals) who say, "THIS BLOWS! CHANGE THE PROGRAMMING!" are exercising their right to speak. using hot-button buzzwords like "censorship" only derails the debate.

sure, i'll defend the first amendment. the moment the government shows up to pull the plug from commercial radio i'll be the first one to march in the streets. but to xm's decision to suspend opie and anthony (which arises out of private individuals speaking their mind), i say, BRAVO! BRAVO!

to the 2342534 people i see crying "censorship!" on various news sites and blogs... GET THE DIFFERENCE?!

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