Monday, May 07, 2007

"drunken pirate" myspace picture costs 25 year old her degree.

yes, you read that correctly. talk about stupid, draconian policies. look at the picture! she could be drinking chocolate milk for all we know. and does it really matter? if you're over 21, you can drink. it's legal.

and think about all the pictures snapped of you and your friends while you were a student. if you (1) had at least one friend and (2) didn't spend 24-7 staring into a computer screen plotting death and destruction... you undoubtedly had at least one goofy smiling, possibly drunken picture taken of you. that's right... even the administrators of the college have some silly photos floating around.

(well it looks like the only person who DIDN'T have happy, possibly drunken pictures taken of him or her while at college or grad student was the virginia tech killer.)

so chill the fuck out, people. and you know that saying about the speck in the eye. and the pot and the kettle.


kusala said...

This is so "WTF?!" that I don't even know where to start.

I'm surprised that someone's teaching credential can even be withheld if all the requirements are completed. Totally Orwell.

emily2 said...

totally "DEE DEE DEE!"

but seriously, from the scant law i know about the relationship between a student and a college... it's a contractual relationship. you fulfill the requirements, you get the degree.

something smells rank.